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John Rosengren
John Rosengren
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When you work on the farm since the age of four, “Rural Wisdom” just comes naturally. And to hear John Rosengren tell the story, when it comes to soil and harvesting the land, the practical knowledge of “Rural Wisdom” will always take precedence over book-taught theory. Just ask John. “I learned more valuable lessons about life and how to treat people right from growing up in that environment than I could have reading a thousand books,” John says. Rural Wisdom Defined These memorable experiences helped John develop his own definition of “Rural Wisdom” based on a strong work ethic and persistence imported while working with the soil. From a very young age, John was taught that hard work, determination, and doing the right thing at the right time pays off in a great harvest. In turn, a great harvest means satisfaction and security. Simply put, there are no shortcuts in life or in business.